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About Hobo Camper Country

We are "not" a RV wrecker

Hobo Camper Country has been proud to repair and customize RVs, campers, and trailers since the early 1970s. As part of one of Calgary’s most enduring businesses, owner Brent Winkler says, “Longevity is something the company has always taken to heart.”

“We’ll work on anything from any era,” Brent says, alluding to how some older RV owners have difficulty finding parts or a technician willing to repair their vehicles. Having been able to help such owners with Hobo Camper Country since 1998, he recognizes motorhomes are a big investment and a home away from home. Owners get attached to their vehicles. “We don’t necessarily replace something,” says Brent. “If you’ve got an old refrigerator, most places would say you have to put a new one in. We take it and repair it. We save people money. It’s worth it to them.”


After passing on this work ethic to Brent, the previous owners eventually passed the business to him as well in 2015, making him the third owner since the company’s inception. Much like an RV’s parts and machinery, Hobo Camper Country believes in making sure we can work for the long haul.

We are also dog lovers and welcome them.
Thanks to the SAVE Vet in Okotoks for treating us & our dogs like family.

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